Add 3D to Oslo Gardemoen/Airport

Really wish that someone could add 3D to the main & biggest airport in Norway.

There are a lot of airports in Norway that have gotten 3D, but not yet OSL. So would be very nice if someone could add it, would make it more busy and usable to example Events etc.

  • 2 Big Runways, longest being ~11,800~ feet long.

  • Serving anuanly around 30 mill passangers and around 200,000-300,000 airplanes

  • 3 main Terminals, (1 Regional, 1 International, 1 Regional & International ”mix”) 2 minor Terminals & Stands, Cargo Terminal, GA areas. All you need.

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Airport Editors are currently not taking requests.

Editors are a group of volunteers separate from Infinite Flight working on these airports and have the ability to pick and choose what airports they wish to work on.

If your airport has not yet made it into the app it could be in one of three stages:

  • Not yet started
  • In progress
  • Completed but not released yet

Rest assured, that the airport has not been forgotten and will be included in a future update when it is ready.

Thank you.