Adam's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread! My in-flight username is Nighthawk. With my field exam approaching, I want to get as much practice and constructive criticism as possible to improve.

No need for a third thread!! Please use the older one :

If you already have created one, stick with that. No need for second or third one. Just update your title from OPEN to CLOSED

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As I have said before, you dont have to create three same threads. Its not a suggestion. Moderators have closed the previous one. Please use only this thread by updating your title to [OPEN] when you are open and [CLOSED] when you have finished controlling!!


So please use only this thread don’t create new ones. Just update this thread from Closed to Open and closed again. And make a comment with open @xxxx
Thank you!

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Duesseldorf Airport (EDDL) is now open.

Runways: 05L/R TO/LDG

Server: Training

Remarks: Patterns allowed

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