Adam's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

I’m trying to improve my skills. Come to test me! I want as many planes as possible!

Airport: EGLC (London City)

Time: Until 0900Z

Server: Training Server [Global] V2

Position: Tower/Ground

Remarks: Pattern work allowed, TAKEOFF/LANDING RWY 09

Constructive feedback is always appreciated!


What is your display name?

My display name is Nighthawk

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Just some feedback

  • If you have cleared me for the option make right traffic you don’t need to tell me to enter right downwind unless there us a RWY.
  • You should really try and not use both ends of a RWY, you could’ve had ARRL’s on 27L and DEPR’s on 27R for example as when I did my first touch & go there was another aircraft already on the other end of the RWY
  • Announce no pattern work before clearing me to land rather than the option. It would clear up a little bit of confusion.
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I was trying my hardest to enforce my ATC transmissions but there were a lot of people who decided to just flat out ignore me or not even tune into my frequency. Had I had the power to enforce/ghost, I would have removed those airplanes not following my instructions. That plane that was on the runway was sitting on the runway spamming transmissions to takeoff, and every time I kicked him off my frequency he tuned back and continued to spam, there was nothing I could really do.

I considered using one runway for arrivals/departures but realized I didn’t have the ground frequency and the ground controller wasn’t coordinating with me, which makes it even more impossible to tell planes the runway to takeoff from (which was why there were 5 planes on 09L/R asking to takeoff, making it very annoying).

Thank you for the feedback, near the end of my session it got very crowded.

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Could you open an airport with less traffic? There were too many pilots not following your instructions at EGLL.

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I agree, I left because it got impossible to do my job with so many airplanes not following my instructions. Also, whoever was the approach controller did not do a great job at spacing out the arrivals, I had to deal with all of them and vector them.

Should I try Manchester or London City?

Yeah if you want to, I’ll be there in 15. Going to do some patterns at NZCH for @Calib_Wilson

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I’m at London City if you want to join me.

Change it to close if you done controlling!

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