Adam1's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @NZCH- PASSED PRACTICAL

Hi everyone. I just passed my written exam and am moving to the practical portion. Feel free to come down!

  • Status: SEE BELOW
  • Frequencies : Ground & Tower
  • Server: Training
  • Airport: Christchurch Airport (NZCH)
  • Runways in Use: TO LDG 20, 11. INTERSECTION DEPTS.
  • Pattern Work: Permitted

Not a single soul. :(

I’ll still be open for the next 40 minutes or so.

Thanks for stopping by @Plane-Train-TV & @LASHER!!

Closed. I’ll do one tomorrow morning.

Man I wish I could come but Im doing a different flight tmr

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Hey let me know when you’re open I’d love to stop by!

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Open @KOAK for the next hour!

Hey! I’m open now if you wanna stop by

closed since nobody came

Open up I’ll come in didnt see this til now!

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Open at KSFO! @Christianx_xkhaos

Going for another 20 minutes.

I’m here I’m air france 1125

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I failed my test twice but I think k its cuz it was timed. Maybe give me some practice at some point too if I give you a heads up? It would really help

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Sure. Just let me know when.

Closed for today. Thanks for coming!

Open at KSAN! @Christianx_xkhaos

Not sure if your still there but I’m at ksfo

I know I’m not supposed to practice at a super busy airport, but I’ve been controlling for over an hour. If anyone in the community is currently flying there, I’d appreciate your feedback.


How long will you be at lax?

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Another 20-30 minutes perhaps. Are you inbound?

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