Adam_Rae1's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Not sure if this is where I should post this but i’m controlling on the training server KSEA Ground and tower open until 0430Zulu

This is in the correct category :)
Don’t forget to put [closed] if you’re no longer controlling.

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KSEA ground and tower will be closing in 5 min

KSEA ground and tower are now closed

VHHH ground and tower are open

Hello, Adam!
This is N186LZ. Here’s your feedback.

  1. Takeoff command
    The first takeoff command was great, but here’s the problem. When I was still on RWY 25L, you cleared another plane for takeoff. This is very dangerous & not acceptable. Please notice RWY condition before clearing for takeoff.

  2. Ground service
    Ground service was great. Always remember that expect runway command is only used when you want aircrafts to head towards certain runways.

  3. Pattern work
    There’s a significant problem in your pattern work. Here’s my suggestion.
    Firstly, when you cleared me for takeoff, you already issued me a left/right traffic. You don’t need to clear me for landing with a LEFT/RIGHT TRAFFIC TURN. Remember, you only need to issue me another turn when I change RWY or you want me to go to another direction.
    Secondly, when I was on pattern work, you gave me a pattern entry when was unnecessary. You only need to issue a patten entry when there’re aircrafts INBOUND.
    Thirdly, you cleared for the opinion too late. You needed to clear me for the opinion when I was on downwind, instead of a pattern entry.
    Lastly, the runway change command was good. Always give a pattern entry before clear for the opinion for RWY change.

  4. Exit RWY Command
    Please check the diagram of the airport before opening. For RWY 25L in particular, you don’t need to issue me a left or right turn, because both ways are available for taxiing to parking. The timing was great; Always remember to send a exit RWY command when the aircrafts’ speed are under 70 knots.

A piece of advice provided down below.
You can check the ATC manual for tutorials and try to fly at the airport you’re going to control before opening a session. Thank you.

Above all, great controlling!

Happy flying & controlling!


VHHH GROUND AND TOWER ARE NOW CLOSED. Leonard.Brownies, thank you for the feedback

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LFPG Ground and Tower are open on the training server.

LFPG Ground & Tower are closed

VHHH Ground and Tower are open.

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