Adam_Macaulay ATC Tracking Thread [Passed]

I will hopefully being taking my practical today so I am trying to get some last practice in before I do. - Best wishes and thank you all for the help you have given me.

I’ve passed my written ATC exam and I have my practical on next week and I am looking for some practice time and feedback please.

To match to the Expert Schedule I’ll be opening the following airport. I hope you can come. Thank you very much for your help.

I’m opening up at YMML Tower and Ground.

The following Runways will be open

Take off runway 34 Pattern Work Accepted - 27 (Straight Out Departures Only)

Landing runways:34 - 27

This may change throughout the session.

Please request push back, taxi clearances, cause Taxi Conflicts, pattern runway changes, touch and gos, Transitions, and full stops that may or may not cause a go around, Also many aircraft accepted, prop and jet/turbo appreciated. I would love to be challenged. Please do these things respectfully.

Pattern work accepted and appreciated.

After you are done, please provide feedback to help me get better.

Warmest regards


PS - Thank you Lee now IFATC & the Training team for this great idea.


I’ll come on down. 🙂


I’ll also be there soon


I’ll be there in just over an hour if you’re still open!

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You just need to fix a few things @Adam_Macaulay, feedback in a PM. 🙂

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I appreciate it, thank you all very much

Some notes I took to improve so far.

Make frequency change approved calls sooner
Need to understand how to handle approach and departure so that aircraft are not so close to one another while one is departing and one is approaching. Use I’ll call your base extend downwind so that the pilot doesn’t have to extend downwind so far,
Setup the next call in the que to make being prepared for easier.
Make sure you pattern first on runway changes and inbounds.
Don’t get click happy

Hey, if you’re still around I can try to be there in around 25-30 minutes?

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I am but I’ll shutdown in 26 minutes

I’m going to close in 2 minutes

Open Now at KBNA until 13:30Z

On my way as PH-ADZ. See you there

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Wonderful thank you very much.

I’ll be there! N428LA :)

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Thank you very much Mr Man

Ill swing on by for a few patterns

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Thank you all for your help, quite a challenge today - have to work on pattern changes while getting requests from ground.

I thought you did a great job, especially for a newer controller managing three planes with runway changes, pattern work, and having to manage ground. You really did do a good job! Here’s some feedback :
• If a plane is in the pattern, and they’re remaining in the pattern for the same runway, telling them to “make left/right traffic” isn’t necessary. That’s only necessary if they’re taking off, if they’re switching runways, or you want to change their traffic pattern.
That’s the only thing that caught my eye for me. You did a great job handling my runway change, handling my full stop, everything was good. I’m sure @azeeuwnl has some feedback for you too ;)

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Really appreciate this feedback - you rock and thank you so much for helping. Have a wonderful day.

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For my Note:
@Adam_Macaulay are you sure left downwind entry was handy for me, coming from the east? :blush:

Adam Macaulay [9:21 AM]
No it wasn’t but would have been had I kept everyone on the appropriate runways. I was oringally on 20C not 02C, I vectored you to the wrong runway heading. I had to update everything have the error to insure everyone was on the right paths. I do apologize. I get click happy and have to control that better. I shoudl have entered you into left downwind 20C not 02, again sorry about that.
KBNA Closed
Appreciate the feedback really I do

azeeuwnl (IFATC) [9:22 AM]
@Adam_Macaulay Don’t apologise for any errors while on training. You’re learning. Errors are fine. (edited)
I think you made a typical left/right error. For me, enter right downwind to 02C or 02R would have been good. Because you gave me left downwind, I had to transit over the airport to reach the left pattern. In itself this is fine but (1) it takes longer and (2) many pilots would not have known how to get from the right to the left side of the pattern (at correct transition altitude and headings).
So…watch your left and right :blush:

Who is your trainer?