Adam_Al-Finge’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

ATC: Ground and tower
Training server (serious pilots please)
Pattern work requested
Also give me some feedback if needed!

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Hello I would recommend making a ATC Tracking thread with Tutorial I made below thanks!


I think I fixed it now, let me know

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Yeah looks good I am just gonna edit it a bit so it looks nicer.

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I am now open till 5:55-6:00 pm EST time!

Now closed, good day!

Open at OMDB Ground and Tower now, I will be online for an undetermined period of time!

I’m waiting your taxi clearance and don’t receive any response🤷‍♂️

I did lol, you just didn’t receive it for some reason

Ok…I will try again lol

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Hi. You did well but need to know few things

  • When change the runway from R to L, is better say “enter left downwind 12L” if no interfere with other aircraft.

    After that, you are good sending clearance new traffic direccion “make left traffic”.

  • Don’t need say new pattern entry in every new clearance “enter left downwind 12L”. I’m already doing left patterns. Only sequence (if needed) then clearance (no need left traffic too in every clearance). Only cleared for the option.

  • Go around on time.

  • Exit runway was good.

Work in this things and you got it!!

Regards. Dani.

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Thanks for your feedback Dani, it is well appreciated! I will use that to do better next time!

Also, thanks for stopping by!

Adam Al-Finge

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Now closed, Good night!

Will be opening OMDB tower and ground in 5-10 minutes!

Now open OMDB ground and tower! Departures on 12r and arrivals on 12l, pattern work will be on 12l(takeoff from 12r)! Please stop by and give me some feedback, will mean a lot to me!

I just had this grade 3 inbound, i can’t believe this guy has access to expert server! I tell him a pattern entry for a runway, goes to the opposite end till last minute then corrects himself! This guy doesn’t know the difference between right and left! I told him to exit runway right and he goes left! There was no seriousness at all! I thought that being grade 3 was a proof of professionalism, but I guess not! I looked him up in IFC, but didn’t find him!

Now closed

I’ve opened YSSY ground and tower, please stop by to give me some feedback! Would be much appreciated!

Adam… I don’t know if you checked the METAR before you opened but those winds were bloody awful. 33kt crosswind on the 34s - yuk. I think you might have cleared me for the option on one of the circuits when I was still on upwind. That’s a bit soon, we don’t usually clear until crosswind. Other than that you didn’t do anything wrong. No traffic to assess sequencing. You corrected transition altitude - 3000 was good.

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I’ve realized those winds when I saw you come in, sorry! Didn’t think was gonna be that bad, really sorry for that! Thanks for the feedback!

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