ACY and Greenwoodlake AIrshows 2021

Here’s some pics from Atlantic City an Greenwoodlake Airshows! IMG_6990



Ah yes my favorite plane, the shockwave jet truck


Yep just love the wings so pretty

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Lmao it was cool and loud

Loopy larry probably fainted at the thought.

if you got that reference, you’re a true OG

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Is it from a movie? 🎥

Spent many nights and days calling in helicopters when I was a Lieutenant, Captain, and Battalion Chief in Waterford Township, we always had NJSP’s “Southstar,” JeffStat, and we even called in a 3rd helo “LifeLion” for motor vehicle accidents when I lived in South Jersey. Also spent lots of weeknights and weekends at Atco Raceway to see race cars and jet powered vehicles run 300 mph down the 1/4 mile. We also visited ACY before it was ACY, used to be Pomona Air Base back in the day.

Brings back great memories, thanks for sharing @InfiniteFlightNewark !

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Your welcome mate! You have some pretty cool stories to share!

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It’s from an FSX mission called Drag Race.

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