ACVA Official Thread || Hiring Staff

Welcome To The Air Canada Virtual Airlines Official Thread!


Firstly, a message from the President himself:

Welcome to the Air Canada Virtual Airlines official thread! I have been with the ACVA since the very first day and it is my honor to lead this great VA. I have seen everything in this VA from the high moments when we thrived to the low times when we really struggled. This VA has only survived the lows because of the great staff team we have. No matter of your experience or timezone, ACVA welcomes you. We have a very diverse group of pilots and staff that will make you feel right at home. Thank you for taking the time to view our VA and I hope to see you in our slack soon!

ACVA President @The_Geniusman


We Are An IFVARB Approved Virtual Airline

“Travel, Explore, Experience | Vous voyagez, Vous explorez, Vous expérience”

Air Canada Virtual Airlines was founded in January of 2018 by Sean Hickey. He brought together a team of 5 individuals from many different VA’s with many different talents. Within 5 days of opening we had over 25 active pilots and were immediately making an impact in the community. In June of 2018, Sean decided that it was best if he moved on and put the VA in the hands of Nate. Since then, we have made many staff changes, updates & more all for the improvement of the VA’s quality by following the saying, “quality over quantity.” That is something we believe in and stick to every day as we add things to improve this VA!

That’s our past, now onto the present!

Here at the Air Canada Virtual, we have chose a team who dedicate their spare time to make ACVA a wonderful place! Our Staff & Admins have experience from multiple other VA’s and this makes us very unique. Click to see their names!

Staff Members
Name: Job: ACVA Callsign:
@The_Geniusman President ACVA001
@xpira Deputy President ACVA002
@Thomasthepro Events Manager ACVA003
Needed Public Relations ACVA004
Needed Recruitment Manager ACVA005
Needed Flight Manager ACVA006
Needed Flight Manager ACVA007

We have changed the requirements to join our Virtual Airline! We are a VA for anyone to come and just fly and have fun as one big family, but we need to set standards for our Pilots.

To Apply, we ask you to meet the following requirements:

Age (13+)
IF Grade 3+
As proof we ask for a photo of your Grade table

Hey! You got Questions? We got answers! Ask questions below for a response from a staff member or click below to see our most asked Questions

What are the requirements for pilots? How active do I need to be? Do you have a Crew Centre? What do you use for communications?

Looking for Events? We have several that take place throughout the week and weekend!

Join our Slack for ACVA Flash Flights, and keep a look out in #live:events for @Xpira ’s well put together events.

Types Of Events:

Project Hometown - In this Event Series, we feature ACVA Member’s Hometown in the Infinite Flight World! This is our First “Project Hometown” Event

Landing Competitions - In this Event Series, we go from one Airport, to another where we score people based on their Landing Skills! We have a top 3 where they are awarded special prizes within the VA.

Out With The Old, In With The New - Here, we do Delivery flights of new Aircraft that are in service with Air Canada! Stay tuned for more…


~Breaking Borders Partnership~

We at the Air Canada Virtual are happy to announce that we have struck a partnership deal with American Airlines Virtual and needless to say, it was certainly a great choice to partner with the AAV. We hope our Pilots love it too! This partnership is bringing codeshares, events and more, 2019 is looking great for both VAs.

What Does This Partnership Entail?


We have each chosen 15 routes from the others airline! We chose some unique routes to make sure that we expanded our route network to the max. Check our routes below.

Codeshare Routes
Route Flight Number Aircraft
KSLC-KPHX AA450 (1B) A319
KMSY-KLAX AA1030 (E) B738
PHOG-KTUL AA9642 (B) B772
CYYZ-KJFK AA3386 (B) B737
MSLP-KMIA AA1494 (1A) B738
EGPH-KJFK AA279 (A) B752
LKPR-KPHL AA53 (1) B767


We will be having one event every month! These will feature our codeshare routes, flying to our favorite hubs and more!! Keep an update on #live:events for our first event.

Thank you for reading through our thread. We hope to see you aboard soon! -ACVA Management Team

Air Canada Virtual Airlines is in no way affiliated with Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz or Air Canada Rouge.


Wow, if this would’ve been posted about 2 weeks ago, I would’ve joined, but now I’m starting my own VA. I wish you guy’s the best though, and this is an awesome thread!

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The biggest change of this new thread is our President, @natedog508, will be resigning from his spot as the president.

Here is a statement from Nate:

This VA opened 601 days ago. 601 and one days. That’s over a year and a half! I started off as the Deputy President and a few months later I was brought up to CEO. That day was 448 days ago. It’s been an amazing year and 3 months and I wouldn’t of wanted them any other way! I had over 900 flight hours with this VA which were full of group flights, one of which with over 20 pilots! I witnessed the Core-6 events, over 150 ACVA events and all of the internal events our Event Manager and myself had hosted. This is not a goodbye, it’s a see you later. I’ll remain active in the slack for a few months to ensure a smooth transition to your new CEO!

Speaking of your new CEO, you probably want to know who it is. The last remaining founding member, @The_Geniusman, will be taking over as CEO of the ACVA. He’s been here for all 601 days and I know I’m leaving it in good hands.

On that note, it’s been an AMAZING experience while leading this VA for the past year and 3 months. I’ve loved each and every moment and I look forward to witnessing the VA grow from a new perspective. Once again, this isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later. Feel free to pm me on the IFC whenever you need or my public instagram whenever you’d like. However for now, see you in the skies.

Thanks for everything.
Nate Weisman ACVA CEO 6/18/18-9/9/19


Link for staff application:


Oh wow. Sad to see you go Nate. Best of luck!


I knew this day would come, but I never thought it’d be so soon :(

Best of luck in the future nate! You were a great leader


@Balloonchaser @CR3W,

thanks you two. It was a pleasure working with both of you throughout the course of my time at the ACVA. Keep in touch


Man, I miss this VA. Sadly I can’t apply as staff or I would. Best of luck in the future though!


Wow Good luck Guinsman


To be honest I’d join just because I love Canada


Shame to see you go! It was a pleasure working with you!


Best of luck @natedog508.

I applied for Air Canada over a month ago and haven’t heard back yet :/


Well, I’m sure things have been a bit hectic over the last month with this President change. So just give it some more time. They need to rebuild their Staff Team (DP and Flight Manager) before they can fully continue :))



Please double check that you’re over our requirements and feel free to reapply :)


My application has been sent. I really hope I can become the Vice President of the VA in the future.

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Grade 4.
I was on holiday at the time. 650 hours.

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I would just re-apply @Ecoops123 :)

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Ok. I was part of ACVA (ACVA278) before as my first VA, I had no experience of how a VA works, and no idea of Slack. Now I’m active everyday, and the main Developer for a new VA!.. Which the CEO has been inactive for over a month for 😕…I’ll reapply.

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I literally cannot upload a picture? 🤷‍♂️.

It won’t let Google Photos connect, or link to my device. I may just send a random link and send a screenshot of my grade table via the IFC to whomever PM’s me.

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They’ll ask for it via Email :)