Actual weather

Not here to complain at all just curious on how hard it is to make actual weather. I know the developers are always busy working on stuff like the new update and all the bugs that come with making a great flight sim, I just wish that they could possibly focus a bit more on the weather aspect. Now granted I’m sure there’s a lot of programming that needs to be worked on in order to get weather like rain and even snow but it can’t be that hard. I’m sure if they asked for some help there’s got to be at least a handful that play that could also be a computer wizard lol. It just would be nice to have rain and not just fog all the time and to actually land in places like Denver or other mountain regions and have snow on the mountains instead of just dirt. Plus I believe it would make this game even better considering it would be visually pleasing and make possibly landing even harder due to it being slick especially in snow or icy conditions. Any input is great or from a developer would be even better. I’m sure they can find help if they just ask for it in a forum.

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