Actual crosswind landings

I wanted to suggest an actual crosswind landing at airports which make any aircraft like hover above runway and land vertically it actually happens in some parts of the world… it looks like planes are landing vertically


As opposed to fake crosswind landings?


Huh? I don’t understand. Crosswind landings don’t make planes “hover” over the runway.


Check this …


The jets are still traveling down the length of runway. From that perspective on the end of the runway you can’t see it as well as looking from the side.


I think Dev. Will understand there are many videos in YouTube … ;) I just want to feel that extreme situation in IFS …

Seems like it would be more of a mixed crosswind with a headwind but a very strong headwind. Kinda like it boy I g back and forth between cross and head

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Yes I know but I googled it it said crosswind so I wrote crosswind …

I don’t understand this. What is it that you’re requesting? Crosswind landings in IF are fairly well simulated, no?

In other news, check out this guy who can remove his thumb!!


I think you’ve got yourself a little confused. The greater the crosswind component the less the headwind component hence the greater the ‘groundspeed’ along the runway.

As someone has pointed out the aspect of the video doesn’t show the speed along the runway. If you look at the ground shadow as it passed along the runway you will get an idea of how fast the aircraft are traveling.

Also, don’t forget, there is a hard crosswind landing limit in real life!


Maybe runway slopping may be the trick.

you can do this in if as well

if you’re a good enough pilot
in the video above, the pilot is constantly making corrections to make the plane land with the least landing rate (fpm)

Sorry, but this feature request isn’t the brightest one.

Crosswind landings depend on how you yourself land the aircraft. Some crosswind landings are hard, but real world pilots are experienced, and know how to perform a smooth crosswind landing. Most pilots on Infinite Flight are nowhere as experienced as them, and the flight sim is not the most accurate out there. If you knew more, you would know that the reason why they land vertically in crosswinds, is because there is rudder input by the pilot, which try to keep the aircraft straight below minimums. I really wish for this request to be closed…


I know plenty of guys in IF that can land a plane with crazy crosswinds, Im not really sure what your request is for? A new camera angle at the end of the runway? For the landing speed to change? What is a fake crosswind landing…

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Very cool, I had never noticed a plane using reverse thrust on only one engine before. FFWD to the 2:00 mark of the video.

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Some of the Time instead of going around I do crosswind landings with high turbulence when on landing

Try going to a place with 50kts winds and fly the super D. That’ll make you hover.