Actual callsigns

People have been using callsigns like “British” for british airways, “Thomas” for Thomas Cook, and “China” for China Airlines. I don’t mean to be nit picky, but here are the actual callsigns for those airlines:
BA- Speedbird
Citrus - Airtran
Hawaii - Hawaiian
Redwood- Virgin America
US airways - Cactus
Aer Lingus - Shamrock
Flybe - Jersy
China Airlines- Dynasty
South African- Springbok
Thomas Cook- Kestrel
S7 (Not in game)- Siberian airlines
Tell me what other odd callsigns I am missing.

There is a callsign builder tool now in IF which is buit in so you choose the airline, a number, and any suffixe (super, heavy, etc.). So if you use that it does seem to give the correct callsign.

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Well the late US Airways and America West were CACTUS.

Here are some others:

Long live the DC-9!

Good work on the list El_Alex. Professional Knowledge gained is a good thing.!
A complete list of Commercial Airline Call Signs which are updated regularly can be found on the WWW See; (Airline Call Signs sub-section)
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Yes, there is a list which covers almost all Airlines in the App and some others.
Domestic British Airways flights use shuttle.

Hawaii 5O?

The callsign for Hawaiian Airlines Flight 50.

With the current callsign builder it’s not possible to mix Airline callsign + Number + Letters
I really hope that this will be added with the addition of the A320 family, 'cause in Europe callsigns are not like in the U.S.

2 outta 3 isn’t bad…the only thing missing would be the letters on the end.

Anyway another one I use is
Fly be airlines, call sign “Jersey”