Activity tags on Replay Timeline

I think we already have greyed out or darker colour on replay timeline depend on phase of the flight. But I would to have more visual ref points including stall, violations etc. Also Having to shrink & cut timeline to export will be bonus too. Below is my example

Now I see my example too busy with colours, dev can still make it simple with just letter for ref point. You know where I am going with this…

I like this idea - since on the ATC Replay we have the yellow and red bars for ghostings and other things, this would be a nice thing for the Pilot Replay.

If this feature takes a few kbs or mbs, i wouldn’t support it because it is so simple to find critic moments in the replay. It doesn’t take so much time.

I just can accept this feature if it doesn’t need extra space to apply into the game.

Have you tried to stall and checked for reference points in the time for that? ;) Or received violations?

Lol! Nah, I only got 2 set of 5 violation for over speeding. So far my total is 10. Learned not to be away from cockpit ever. ;)

Well, then I’m happy to tell you that it already exists. Warnings, violations and other misc messages are marked in the replay timeline :)

Give it a go on Solo yourself and stall for example, then watch the replay.

I just did it doesn’t show anything!! you kidding right?

Come again for big fudge?
I never joke. Okay i do quite often but not right now ;)

So you don’t see this?

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Lol! You are man of solution I trust you, yeh I see it. Sorry, I haven’t watched replay when I had those violations. It’s good it already exist. hope we might get some letters on timeline in the future with prefixes…example S-stall, V-violations. I think it’s clearer then colour code.

Can’t find button “it already exists” here, thanks for pointing out. ;)

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I found the button you were looking for. Closed (:

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