Activities every night!

I was wondering if we can do something every night like try to make everyone play in one server such as atc playground. Instead of waiting for once a week activities.

You need to remember the game is international and we have GMT,PDT,EST etc time zones

Oh Peter I saw you at KSAN. Sorry for changing the subject for s moment but I like your idea Gunjan. I have to agree with Peter that it is very difficult to organize a good time. I tried to do that many times before when I created group flights for a while and it wasn’t easy.

What if we just host an event every hour? That way all time zones will have a chance to join at their “9 PM”

yeah and plus you have been doing this for a while so we can just do it during the times that got the most people.

i was sad that i missed todays, i had 20k xp and i needed 25k xp to participate

That sounds like a good idea