Active VAs

I recently went onto the VA database and saw a lot of VAs, to avoid confusion, what does IFC think about doing an active VA test, like if the VA is still active they will have to put an post on a thread saying they are active or else they get removed from the database.

Ithink about 20% of the VAs are inactive, correct me if I’m wrong

The inactive VAs will be removed from the database =)

I think it that would create a lot of threads on the community , maybe it could work like you PM someone who ticks your VA name off a list to say they are active and then if a VA doesn’t respond in 72hrs they are considered not active and removed from the database …?

I think only the Owner should be able to PM the person organising it as you could get a lot of people who think they are still active but they really aren’t ;)


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