Active Tower ATC @ KPSP - TS1 [Closed]

Hey guys,
I’ve been practicing tower atc on ts1 a lot lately, and I think I’m ready for your opinion on my skills. Tower will be active at KPSP in SoCali for about 30 minutes. Please come and give feedback, thanks:-)

I’ll come in a Cirrus SR22. Callsign:CS-NAS

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Some feedback:

•You don’t always need to say hold short first when a plane switches to the tower frequency because you need to wait for them to request take-off because some of the planes may want to do pattern work.You did instruct Marcelo to hold short while you could’ve clearly told him to line up and wait while I was landing on 05,hold short in this situation would’ve been when an aircraft is on final in the runway Marcelo was holding short on.

•Since you did not give time for me to request clearance you just cleared me for take-off,next time you should wait for my request.

•While I was on the pattern, whenever someone requests a touch and go clear them for the option not to land.The option is used for both things (landings and t&g) So I was doing a touch and go and you cleared me to land.

•Whenever someone requests a runway change give them a pattern instruction and then clear them for the option (this time you were right, I was going to land).


Hi i was there right now, i have few things to tell you.
1)From the point where I asked you to takeoff you can not tell me cleared for immediate takeoff, but backtaxi, it is at the discretion of the pilot whether to take backtaxi or take off from that point.
2) I asked you to remaning in the pattern, so why ask me “said intention”?
I suggest you take a look at all the tutorials you can find here in the forum. good luck!


@International @MarcelloM Thanks for the feedback! I will work on it.

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Just one question, I don’t remember asking anyone to back taxi, should I have, or should I have waited for you to request takeoff?

He was talking about the cleared for immediate take-off, as it was unecessary.

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Opening on KNUC? Good luck bud…

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I asked takeoff remaning in the pattern,you issues me a "cleared for immediate takeoff "
How can you see from the picture im not in the threshold,so in this case you should give me a backtaxi command.
Remember,is always a discretion of the pilot if need full runway or not for takeoff.image


I’m opening at KPSP for about 30 minutes.

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