Active Time


Just like the active weather which could use a bit of tweaking, there should be active time. So you don’t have to contemplate on which time to use and to bring the simulation to life. Different regions will interact with the real world time.
Ex. If it is 3:30 am in San Fransisco it will look like 3:30 am in San Francisco


…which means people in a different time zone would have to wake up in the middle of the night to experience different conditions…

Ps: I believe this has already been mentioned in several other topics?


I think it was mentioned in another topic, but I can’t find it. Anyway, people that come home from work or school would always have the same conditions in a region.


Even i give a :thumbsdown: for this. My time zone makes it difficult to fly at Many areas with Daylight


This isn’t going to happen. It would force way too many people to only fly at times they don’t want to. Users can easily make the change for themselves already so it’s a bit of a moot point anyway. :smile:


Here is a feature I am thinking about since a lot of time!
What about having a real time conditions in Live?
Let me explain: if you are flying in SoCal region when the real local time is 9:30PM why is it not in night conditions for everyone like not being able to choose night or day in Live.
I think this would be another great step to realism ;)
Hope you guys understand what I mean
I am open for questions


There is an internal debate about this and I’m the one paying against it… Say I live in California, but I like to fly in Singapore… Too bad for me, it’s only night there at the times I can fly… And there would be nothing I could do to change that…

Debate is still ongoing :)

Time in game matches the actual time in the area you're flying
Time in game matches the actual time in the area you're flying