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My subscription ended today, and I just purchased the 6 month subscription. However, it tells me that no subscription was found. I restarted Infinite Flight, and I logged out of and back into my account. It still shows no active subscription. I currently do not have a receipt because I just purchased it, but I assure you I did buy the 6-month. My Callsign is N428LA and my display name is IFATC MrMrMan.

I’m guessing you’ve already tried clicking on “I already have a subscription” but have you tried signing out of iTunes on your device and sign back in then relaunch Infinite Flight?


Probably not the most efficient way of working around this problem, but I’d say give it a day or so. If your receipt still doesn’t show, then I think the issue should be addressed.

I have tried doing that. I haven’t logged out and back in, let me try.

Tried both of those now, neither worked.

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling?

I haven’t, that kind of scares me…
but I’ll try :)

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What happened to me when that ha s happened was I had to delete infinite flight re log in to my google and restart my device and it worked… my brother had the same problem so idk my personal experience it might help…

That could help! Thank you for your input.

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@Levet I reinstalled and logged in, still tells me I have no sub.

Well, there was my input and I hope you can get your sub for sure! I wish you luck and hope to see you flying soon :)

Thanks. I hope I can get it working 😬

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Mhm I sure hope so! As I said I wish you the best of luck!

Do you use Facebook or Google to login?

I use Facebook. Honestly if I could get my data transferred to google I’d prefer that, but that’s not what you were asking. Facebook. 😂

Also, @Levet, it may have crossed your mind that the purchase didn’t go through, however it told me that my purchase was successful. It then went to the logging in screen, then it told me I didn’t have a subscription.

Go to iTunes and check your subscriptions.

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It tells me that I’m subscribed and that the next billing date is March 3, 2019.

@Levet any ideas? Or should I just wait it out and see? I’ll try anything you need me to, just let me know :)

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