Active runways for approaches/departures?

Good day to all my IF friends! I have been practicing for my ATC test and will hopefully be an IFATC member by the end of the week. I notice that there are a lot of airports that only use specific runways for departures or for arrivals and also some airports that use runways as taxiways and some runways that are not used at all…

My question is and hopefully the General section is the right spot for this but has anyone created a document/file or is there a site that I can find out info on each airport and their active runways or does everyone just go to flightradar24 to see where aircrafts are landing/taking off from? I would like to be as accurate and exact as possible when controlling.

Any help would be much appreciated. Sorry if this topic exists, I tried to search the best I could and found nothing.

Thanks so much!



Probably a quick search on Google for charts (takeoff procedures) or just as mentioned Flightradar24 might do the job.

There isn’t a file to my knowledge. :)

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We take wind conditions to decide which runways to use as well as their general location around the airport itself. Is this what you were inquiring about? We also try to use all runways we can available for maximum efficiency.

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That’s what I was looking for but sites like Airnav doesn’t tell you inactive runways or if they are used for taxiways etc… Maybe its just local knowledge that I see on runway comments.

Yes, wind would be the dictator I just didn’t know if there are 3 runways going the same direction if certain airports dont use specific runways if our IFATC members try to avoid that specific runway also or if it is just put into use due to the amount of traffic IFATC sees during their sessions.

Traffic is also a factor but we use all runways available to us.

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