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If you crash with a headwind then what would you have done with a tail wind. Or a crosswind. Headwinds are easy to land in.


Thats not the point. I decided to takeoff from the red runway just to see what it was like, and the winds were in peak condition, so why wasn’t that runway active?

why you changing the question.

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You changed mine

Exactly. And this is why you could’ve diverted if the winds were too strong. No one’s asking you to be perfect. No one was forcing you to land at KJFK, and I’m sure the winds were better further away from the coast.

Additionally, the colors on the runway rumbers are used to indicate the favorability of wind for that runway, not if a runway is active/being used.

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31L was the IRL active runway yesterday as well. Headwinds are favourable for landings.

Are you sure the runway was marked red?

Ever heard of ATC, they wouldn’t let me transitio.

I’m assuming that since KJFK was not on the IFATC schedule yesterday, you were on the Training server. Training server ATC may not be delivering the professional service that you might expect 24/7, as it is, in fact, the “training” server.

Training server ATC cannot ghost you, and you can decide to divert if the winds are too strong for you to handle, they will not punish you for it. It is a learning experience for us all.


I feel sorry for u man…crashed after a 7hrs flight

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I’m only on training server because I got s violation. But what has that got to do with 2000ft of runway

Let’s just calm down and look over this.

Green = Headwinds
Amber = crosswind
Red = tailwind.

You want tailwind whilst flying, but landing in them is terrible. As mentioned this is the training server, the controllers were and are using the correct runways. I think this topic is going out of hand. A violation isn’t the end of the world, for I have 52.


Thank you for telling me something rather than throwing un-needed, unhelpful and downright disrespectful comments at me

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Tailwinds are good at cruise but really at no other time, headwind landings should be no trouble, know your aircraft and it’s characteristics. If you need help in knowing how to land with 44kt headwinds or with anything else for that matter check #tutorials

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Anytime. As much as getting worked up doesn’t help neither does these comments. Half were un-needed and more aggravating than helpful.

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Yes, I agree

Nothing wrong with this, happens to me occasionally too.

Any 44 knot wind, even a headwind, especially while gusting like it was yesterday at KJFK will be tough to land in to say the least, and I’m sorry that your long flight went to waste. I have lost a KEWR-WSSS flight due to a crash on final before, and it’s not fun.

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People are trying to help and it is getting way too heated. Your question seems to change so it is leading to confusion.

What does that mean? Peak winds are not red as planes take off and land into the wind, not with it. What were you basing your winds off of? Real life or the METAR? Winds at 8k feet will often be different than at the surface of the airport due to the various reporting elements.

For future reference:

Color Wind
Orange Above 3kts and wind angle is greater than +/- 45 degree difference.
Red Above 3kts and wind angle is greater than +/- 90 degree difference.
Green All other cases

Just an observation…KJFK has had the 31,s runways as active and green (headwinds for these runways) for almost 2 days because of these wind here…which have been extremely gusty… I controlled there during this…a headwind doesn’t always mean a perfect landing. Welcome to the wold of unpredictable winds. Happy Landings to all.

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So what would the alternative be for JFK with that kind of winds if not using 31? Would you prefer 44kt crosswinds on 22 or 44kt tailwind on 13? Obviously runway 31 is the only option.

ATC doesn’t define winds or runway colors. You have the ability of checking the METAR and if the winds are above your ability to land the aircraft it’s you that have to divert to elsewhere. I am not sure what different are you expecting from ATC… I know this was on the Training Server but that’s irrelevant.


Just a quick tip, if the winds are that high you want to do approach at a higher airspeed than normal (I’ve heard somewhere it’s usually headwinds/3) in case of windshear (or gusts in case of IF)
Also if you have to just go around