"Active" on Runways page

Hey everyone, as you know many of us like to make our fpl as complete as possible to our destination airport. I think it would be extremely useful to place the word “Active” on this page (pic below) during live ATC. This will help pilots plan accordingly especially if there is no approach. As you can see all runways are green at KDEN and I am far enough away where I need to go to liveflight to figure it out.

This is the purpose of the ATIS frequency.


This would be a lot better then that


I think he wants to now the active runway when he cant tune to ATIS frequency because he is far away from airport.

@Alan_Perez make sure to vote for your own feauture request 😉


This is actually not a terrible idea!

Have you tried to contact atis from far away? Because I know for a fact that you cannot contact that frequency at least from 500nm away. I took off from Baku(UBBB) last night which is over 5000nm away.

I wouldn’t mind if ATIS triggered an icon on the runway listing page. No need for a new page to let controllers flag, the system can use what is in ATIS.

Yes I know you can’t access the frequency 500 miles away. The chances are high that in those 500 miles that the winds shift, controllers change, or something changes in the runway configuration. You should be in the habit of paying attention as you get closer and adjust.

Voting helps people. Replies dont matter, votes do.

I like the idea, but imo not a must-have. I usually plan my FPL with STARs which are usable for multiple RWYs to remain flexible to RWY changes. Once I’m closer to the destination I add the last fixes of the STAR which are referrig to the RWY in use. Works pretty good actually and is not a lot of effort.

Thats all I am asking for is the word active next to the runway on the runways page.


There really won’t be a need for this once the TAFs are back. All you have to do is look at the TAF that is around your ETA.

If you do not know how to read a TAF, please check out this tutorial.

So having Atis trigger 1 word to turn on, which would be helpful to all pilots wouldnt be something you’d vote for? Dont forget there are many different people that use IF. Try looking at this from someone else’s perspective that may have trouble with TAF.

It may discourage people from listing to the ATIS frequency if this were to be added. People already don’t tune into it when inbound anyway, you’re not supposed to have know which runways are in use from that far away.

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Something like that maybe???

I like your idea…Basically when the ATC updates the ATIS, the active runway could show up on the “runway” section, as made above. It must also include which side of the runway is active (example : picture above -> 35L/R-26)


I gotta weigh in. @Alan_Perez, I’m sorry the IFC is the way it is. Man…sometimes it’s better to not say anything on here. Everyone is an expert and everyone has an opinion. The idea is a great one simply because it’s yours. I agree that we could have an early idea of which runway to use. Sometimes I don’t finalize the arrival and approach until I’m well into cruise. ATIS only works in expert and u gotta chase the Expert ATC guys around the world. So, stay encouraged and keep coming up with the great ideas.

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I think some of you are too focused on thinking that everything has to be set in stone from start to finish. Be flexible and be able to adjust to a situation.Yes, its nice to be able to plan for an arrival and approach to a specific runway but there’s so many factors that could either take you off of an arrival or change the runway you’re landing on.

Well … ATIS is very much missing in TS. When I am in the Expert Server, arriving at about 65nm from the destination airport, I simply consult ATIS, but if the airport does not have ATIS or does not have ATC online or if I am flying at TS, I simply look at the map to know to which side the planes in ground are taking off. But in any case, any idea that helps to approach is welcome.

I like this idea! It’s pretty annoying when someone lands on the wrong runway.

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Keep in mind, that the marked as active runway could only show up when the airport is being controlled, as @Alan_Perez mentioned to his main post.


Can the ATC Controller manually select the ‘active’ runways or will that be automatically done by wind?


My suggestion would be that the active runway feauture could only show up when the controller updates ATIS. But in that case, this feauture would be only available on ES.

Let @Alan_Perez tell us what he thinks :)