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I posted this a little while back and it has since closed because nobody from support actually replied.

The list of active frequencies does not update fast enough:

  • As soon as I load the app and go into ATC, I see a frequency which is open so I join it and immediately get put on Observation because the frequency has actually been open for the last 1-2 minutes. Even if I have not been on the app for hours I get out of date/Cached info instantly.

  • If I am on ground at an airport and tower closes, I often try to open Ground and Tower but often even if I wait a good 30 seconds, exit the app and re-enter the app it still shows up that I’m connected to the ground frequency so I cant even get back on ground or tower!

  • Often by the time the list refreshes and shows that the frequency is open, I join the frequency and then get put on Obs because someone has got on it before me despite all that wasted time and effort

  • When I then try to exit again so I don’t have to hear all the Tower frequency on Obs, I then cannot un-check the tower frequency until the cache refreshes again and takes me off the ground frequency (meaning I have to wait all that time AGAIN)

  • By the time I have gone through all of this, someone then manages to get into the Ground frequency so I can’t even control that anymore.

As I mentioned on my previous post, this did happen before 20.1 but is now much more prolific and is very annoying. Based on the symptoms it does seem to be a server-side cache and it is VERY annoying when it constantly happens.

Hopefully we can get this resolved this time…



Please bear in mind that this category is not the place for official support. I tend to this category when there’s time :)

Regarding the issue;
It does sounds like a bug that may need to be addressed indeed. We’ll take a look at it :)


My bad, I didn’t know that. Thanks for replying - hope this gets fixed in the near future!

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Don’t exit the app completely, you’ll never get it in time.

There is two tricks to make it refresh. If a controller just closes, it’ll take about a minute or so to refresh on the server end.

  1. The airport selection menu. Open the airport selection menu then close it. Repeat till it shows as open, you may be beat to it if someone is quicker.
  2. Your profile information. Click your display name at the top right, then go back to the ATC Menu. Repeat till it shows as open, you may be beat to it if someone is quicker.

There used to be a third easier option, but that was removed probably inadvertently in the 20.1 update, or it’s working and I can’t tell if it is. You could search for the airport then tap the airport’s name to refresh the page.

I remember many days when I used to fight over KLAX/EGLL on TS1, refreshing the airport selection so I could grab the frequency. Same thing happens now. On expert, we do this during controller changes but we’re not fighting anyone to get the frequency fortunately. You have to sit and refresh to wait for it to register in-app.

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Cheers for the info!

I had kinda sussed those 3 out over time although before 20.1 it seemed like they actually managed to work/purge the cache where as nowadays it seems like we’re literally just hammering ‘refresh’ until the server decides to update the list.

Its definitely not as easy anymore which is a tad dissapointing when I’m not even trying to snipe/snatch the most popular frequencies.

Hopefully these days will be numbered very soon for me, thanks to your help ;)

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My internet has been so poor during Covid times that I can’t tell if it’s me or the server. From what I can tell it’s just as slow as before on my end.

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