Active FIR information - An issue with text’s scale

First of all, thanks for such a great update dear developers!

Today I decided to have a quick look at Center ATC functionality and while I was clicking on everything I noticed a small issue:

When you click on active FIR to get information about it you will get this:

Looks like text doesn’t scaled enough.

Device: iPad 2018 (9,7)

This seems to occur with most-if not all ATC positions right now; not just Center. Part of it is due to the controllers display name size. But from my testing and research, I found that this issue was dependent on the screen size of your device. Your device falls under the “Not Good” category whereas the iPad Pro 12.9 and a few select other devices seem to be in the “Good” category.

This issue has been addressed to the developers and will hopefully be fixed soon!

Reach out if you have any further questions or find any other bugs! Enjoy the Update! ☺️

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