Active Delta VA now hiring pilots

The New Delta VA has completed construction and is now accepting applications for pilots who wish to join and fly for Delta VA. We operate in 5 regions operating at all Delta hubs in the simulator (SoCal, NY, AMS, Paris, and Seattle). We also operate all Delta livery aircraft that are currently in IF. We would love to have all that wish to fly for Delta VA to join. You do not solely have to fly for Delta VA and are free to fly with other VAs. All pilots, including officers and myself, start out as a second officer until completing 2 hours of flying then are promoted to First Officer. When Global is released we will operate all Delta routes from all official Delta hubs. We are a very professional VA with conduct expectations both on the forum and within the VA’s community. All pilots and officers will receive a VA handbook for reference too as well as easy to locate information on the Slack page.

To apply please fill out the VA application on our website and we will respond within 48 hours. If you have any further questions you can PM on the IFC and I will respond within 24 hours.

CEO of Delta VA


Good luck from vietjet VA and Etihad VA

Hi All,

Jordan is not part of Etihad VA, and thus does not represent us here on the forum or on IF.

Any further relations with Etihad Virtual should be through myself or our COO @JDE1303

And obviously Good Luck! Look forward to seeing you in the skies!

Many Thanks,
President of Etihad Airways Virtual


Best of luck to Delta VA!

I just want to say what an honor and privilege it is to be a part of Delta Va. I’ve had a blast over the last few week’s flying our “Group Flights” with all you guy’s. I wanted to upload these pics of some of our new and upcoming company pilots and soon to be company pilot (Copa496) We’ve got a spot with your name on it :)

Check us out

Choose Delta VA, Keep Climbing!

Love to see you guys doing well! Keep up the good work :)

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