Active ATC

Does anyone no where expert server ATC where be tomorrow. I know it says anywhere in the world but just checking to see if anyone who is going to be controlling 2morrow might no where. Just planning my long haul that’s all.

Anywhere in the world! check the arrive list on the IF game! It tell you where most traffic is going to!


Controllers are unpredictable, but IFATC has a general resentment to opening large hubs on choice day, so look out for some slightly smaller airports.


Unfortunately as you said, it could be anywhere.
Lukla, St. Maarten, Timbuktu…
I can understand how this would be frustrating for planning long-hauls. Most likely you will have to just bite the bullet and go to a non-ATC serviced airport (gasp). Who knows, you may even get lucky and ATC will open at the airport you choose!


I’ll be open at EGLL from 0700

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Eeemmmmm, ok


The Qantas Event is going to be there.

Hello, us IFATCs have made a tracking thread where we will be posting our desired airports to open and times:

hope this helps!


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