Active ATC TS1 @ KSJC

I am open at KSJC in the San Francisco region. Please fly in, this will be one of my last sessions before I apply for the IFATC. Need lots of people in the pattern and feedback would be nice.

Hope to see a lot of you there.


Will be there in around 2 mins.

Callsign: N-90D

Aircraft: B737BBJ

Be there in 4 minutes… Just finishing my flight in Chicago rn…

Aircraft: ERJ 190
Callsign: N539XA

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You handled my go-around very well! Good. my runway change request was a little bit confusing. I totally understand if you were unable to, but you told me to follow right downwind 30R, but you cleared me for 30L. You never said “Unable” or gave me a proper pattern entry. Overall, very good controlling and handled pattern traffic very well! Good luck for IFATC!

I will be opening APP/DEP for KSJC to help you out.

My bad, I must’ve had the fat finger again. Meant to tell you to enter right downwind for 30L. Apologies and thanks for APP.

No problem! Just giving feedback, nothing personal:)

Do you want to do pattern work at Tower, or do you want to hand them to me to be vectored in a pattern?

Just would love to through it out there that… Well its 24 knot winds on the ground at KSJC… Its like 30 knots at 2000 ft… #MayNeedToDivert… xD

All pattern aircraft stay with tower unless they’re on or request the ILS or any approach.

Haha pretty crazy winds

Okay… Im going to contact @SF34 … Can I get a holding pattern at like 8000+… Im going to see if the winds calm down.

Sorry… didn’t see your message.

I’m going to T&G an airport in the same region somewhere

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Why do you keep closing and opening?

Sorry I closed once because I only selected APP instead of both APP/ DEP

Closing if nobody is going to come and fly…

I’ll come back if you plan to stay:)

Never mind you left :/

TBH… I cant land…

Give me maybe another 10-20 minutes… Then im making my decision to divert or not…

Can you give me the feedback of the next imbound aircraft… Tell me how they are handling it. Or if its calming down