Active ATC TS1 @ KSFO [Closed]

Celebrate me hitting Grade 3.

Time: Starting NOW

Server: Training Server 1

Place/Region: San Francisco/ San Francisco Intl

Services: Tower & No Ground

Please leave feedback about my controlling in the thread below.

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Callsign - N539XA
Aircraft - ERJ 190

I may cut in and out because I’m on cellular (on car trip)

That was a disaster. I can’t control so many traffic on both Ground and Tower frequency.

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You did great, thanks!

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Aircraft: ERJ 190
Callsign: N539XA
Route: SJC - SFO
ATC Preformance at KSFO: Descent


• First Landing - I was instructed well

• GO AROUND- A aircraft taxiied onto the runway that I was landing at so I had to go around (You never instructed me to… If I didn’t (My VIP and his family on his private jet E190 and about 200 people would have died on that runway)

• After the go around - I was given good instructions on what to do except that with the direction you put me with aircrafts arriving on 01… Which could have resulted in collisions; there was a plane on approach that I nearly hit. You should have instructed me the other way with departures.

•Second Landing - Was never instructed to exit runway then I just exited (but I stayed on for a while to test you.) Nice job holding that aircraft about to go on takeoff roll.

Taxiing to GA Ramp - When exited runway I requested taxi to the gate the and to cross the runway. I was told to “Follow Instructions.” Then held there for a touch and go aircraft. With no aircrafts anywhere on approach or departure; I requested again to cross both runways again and was given proper instructions!

RATING: 7/10

Thanks very much for a nice ATC Session!

If I wasn’t on the road; I would stay longer!

Congrats on level 3; and I hope to see you ATCing again real soon!

Fourm Helper #223

You are right, I should instruct you to right traffic.

I thought I gave you instruction to exit right, maybe I didn’t hit the send button. You asked permission to crossed runway 10R. After that, you turned 180 and asked permission to cross 10R again, I don’t know what you are doing there. If you want to go there, why don’t you turn right in the beginning?

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Not really, most of my attention is distracted by people who send duplicate messages on the ground frequency. Tower control is quite poor imho.

I open the frequency again but only tower this time. BTW, is San Francisco a paid region or not?


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