Active ATC showing up wrong

I noticed this today and was wondering if anyone already saw this.

In this screenshot you can see that atc isn’t active.


Then if you zoom out a bit it says there’s active atc(wich is wrong)

Am I doing something wrong or is it a known little mistake. (Not really an issue I’m just wondering why it’s like that)

No where in that pictures does it say that ATC is active. The green dot in the middle of the airport icon is stating it’s VFR.

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But when the ICAO is written in green doesn’t that mean that there’s atc? I know that the dot is for the weather…


Ive had this issue before. Here is how to replicate it:

  1. Plan a flight to an airport with an Active ATC
  2. Tell that ATC to leave the airport
  3. It will still show up green if your last waypoint is that airport.
  4. It will turn white if you zoom in.

I didn’t look at the third pic my bad yes that’s when it should be. Small glitch no biggie.

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Thanks I was just wondering if I had messed up something.

If there’s nothing to be done for the problem, then the topic can be closed thanks!

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