Active ATC Services not popping up on the Menu?

Hey Guys! Lately I’ve been noticing this issue of ATC services not popping up on the ATC Menu at the bottom of the screen. Many people have been getting reported due to this issue as most of them do no not know that they can tune into those ATC services by clicking on the airport and then click ‘TUNE’ Here is a perfect example of one

Is this an issue that’s already been noted or something that has to noted down?

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Yes this issue has been noticed by IFATCs and I’m sure FDS will fix this ASAP… and we also try to notice NORDO aircrafts and let them land/takeoff as long as long as they don’t interfere with the traffic… and they can always contact a mod to get that ghosting reversed.

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This has been fixed recently but it hasn’t been released yet.

Here’s a thread with details.