Active ATC Service at KUES (closed)

Hello all!
It’s been awhile… :p
My last one was…eh…

Active at Airport - KUES (Oshkosh Region)
@Patrick_U @Skylines @JoshFly8


Practice makes perfect :-)


Can you come…?

I’d like to, sitting at work at the moment.

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Aww…well I am here for a while anyway.

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I will come! Brb

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Please specify that the airport is Waukesha and th region is Oshkosh__

Yes. Correct :p

you are having connection issues

@Jeffrey1o2 I can’t contact you.

I can’t contact the tower

I’d love to come but I do not think I’m fully capable of flying an aircraft at 1:17AM.

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Well, its better than Josh’s landings :p

Thank you all!

Sorry I couldn’t make it Arya.

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All good Oli, next time :)

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