Active ATC Recruiters

Hello, if you are an active ATC recruitmenter please contact me, I’ve contacted 3 now, all are busy and off ;) Thank You.

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Either have patience or provide all requested information. You won’t be guaranteed a reply if it’s the latter.

You don’t want to sell death sticks. You want to go home and re-evaluate your life.


Hello, Thanks for your response, I did have patience ;) All that started almost a month ago… All I want Is an active recruitmenter, Thank You and have a wonderful day =)

Make sure you have all the necessary information.

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I do meet all requirements =)

Have you mentioned it while sending a message to your recruiter? Also the rule is that you only contact one recruiter and if you contact more than one recruiter you’re disqualified


You’re only supposed to contact 1. The recruiter will message you when they get a chance, takes time as it may be others in front of you. Contacting 3 doesn’t mean you’ll get a response quicker. Be patient, also make sure you provide all of the required information. Recruiters have others they may need to respond to just like you, they’re not answering you just to not answer you.


Meeting all the requirements and applying with all the necessary information. In a mature and concise manner are two totally different things. If you want you can apply by PMing me. Make sure you provide all the information requested in the recruiting topic.


Hello, I did, I messaged 1 and that almost a month ago, yet no response :( Messeged another one and he told me that he is off contact another one, finally messaged the 3rd one, and that’s it. Thank you for your help :)

Will do =) Thanks!!

I think you really need to calm down and check how you speak to people as in my opinion how you’ve been messaging on here it is really unacceptable. :)

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Hello, I Apologize, Sorry about that, I’m really have a terrible day because of family problems, Thank You for your understanding.

That’s all good and well mate, I’ve had horrible shifts in the past at work, but always remember that people on this forum have nothing to do with that nor is it their fault. Hope you feel better soon and your ATC application gets sorted, just remember to follow all the rules :)

Hello, I did, I messaged 1 and that was almost a month ago, yet no response so I thought that this Recruiter might not be active anymore,
:( so I decided to Message another one, Thankfully he responded, but told me that he is off ( I respect that ) and he said contact another recruiter.

Thank you for your kind words, you are absolutely right :)

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Hello :) Kindly check PM, Thank You for your help =)

And Brandon saves the day

Have a wonderful day =)

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