Active ATC @ PHNL TS1 [Closed]

Time: Starting NOW

Server: Training Server 1

Place/Region: Hawaii, Honolulu Intl

Services: Tower & Ground (I might drop the ground frequency if there is too much traffic.)

Please leave feedback about my controlling in the thread below!

UTC is the same as Zulu but not everyone knows that so try to put Z instead of UTC, for Zulu

I think there are more people who know UTC TBH.

But it’s standard in aviation and everyone here knows it

Good point. Will do.

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ATC is still open!!!

ATC is still open!!!

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Nice controling at Honolulu!
I have just two tips for you…
When you decide to change rnw from 26L to 8R you can broadcast message so everybody knows what is your intention.
When I requested rnw change from 8R to 8L you MUST give new pattern instruction, In this case; Croatia 1, enter right downwind rnw 8L and then clearance for land/option

  1. Good point.
  2. Do I have to give you pattern instruction? There is only one aircraft in the entire airport. I think pattern is used to organise traffic and there is not a need at that time.

I’m coming now, (N202PC)

Sorry ATC is closed now. I have opened it since 0930 Z. I guess I should start ATC session far later than that next time.
I might do it again tomorrow at around 1730Z

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Yep, runway change requires a (new) pattern entry, with sequencing if applicable, and then a new clearance.

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