Active ATC @ KJFK PG [Closed]

Feel free to come :) (Like this post if you’re coming or just reply 🙂)

When exactly is 100Z…?

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1am Zulu 8pm EST 5pm PST


Don’t see you on now.

Hey, due to the inclimate weather, there are only TWO JFK bound planes en route now…a DHL from Leipzig and Etihad from Abu Dhabi. Just thought I should share!

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Sorry guys, I need to do my hw and plus the visibility is crap

Trust me, I know…😂😂😂

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Well, I’m in NYC. 30 inches already!

Floral Park, so about the same!

30 mph winds with 0.40 km visibility great weather! I was tower and almost every plane had to go around

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I was tower before, and u left

I had to go sorry about that

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I don’t understand why people (on IF) aren’t flying in NY. You only live once people.

Because there is BARELY any ATC there, and plus the weather now. Which is why I added JFK ATC in my name

I was assuming that the masses would be attracted to this type of weather. It’s a whole new experience.

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