Active ATC @ GMMN (TS1)

Serious people only please

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Well done! All perfect and correct commands. Clever call getting me on right downwind for 35L when I requested a runway change instead of the ideal left to prevent a collision and then making me make left traffic later.

One advice though, your exit runway commands should be sooner. You gave me and the other person the exit runway commands when we already started our exit from the runway. Ideally you want to send this instruction when they’re less than 100 knts for jets and less than 50 for GA.


Ok thank you so much for your feedback. Will work on that.

Can you please make sure you edit your title and add your current open/closed status between quare breackets in front of your title, so we know if you’re actually (still) there?

Example, add [now OPEN] or [CLOSED] in front of your title

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ok thanks for the feed back. ill be sure to do that from now on

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