Active ATC at KONT (Ontario International) (TS1)

Hey…ATC is active in KONT…i am open for feedback


What server are you controlling on?

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Training Server 1…

Are you coming???

Sorry I forgot about it!

i am open at KONT ts1…if you want to come

Ok I’ll do some patterns and see how you do!

ok…thank you…

Sorry my Autopilot went funny, I’ll try again

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I HIGHLY RECOMMEND You watch these tutorials:

Unfortunately it seems you don’t have any knowledge on tower commands and how aircraft in a pattern work. So me giving you feedback will take forever. If your interested in learning I suggest you study those tutorials and google anything you don’t understand. Then try practising again on TS1 :)

Callsign: KE-AST
Expert Server Controller (IFATC)


Ohh that was you… i told you that Ill call your base…but you didnt reply…i thought that there was some Network Issue

No one departing or within 15nm of the airport, so I ignored it (no reason for you to say you’ll call my base). I know you probably don’t understand so that’s why if you watch those tutorials I sent above then you’ll understand what I’m saying :)

I screen shot everything so another time when you have watched all the tutorials I’ll be happy to go through every command you incorrectly gave me, so you have more of an understanding :) (PM if this interests you)


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