Active Airports Overview

In the new update of infinity flight, how can I get an overview over witch airports there have an active TWR/GND so I can plan my flight after that?

A great resource to find information about the airports being serviced by IFATC is the monthly ATC schedule. You can access the schedule for June 2023 at the following link:

ATC Schedule - June 2023

if you want to see all the airports that have active atc, press the search button at the top right, if you want to see airports that will have atc in the future, use the atc schedule


Perfect! Thanks :-)

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Not exactly what your looking for but I’ve found the missions on expert server usually have 1 if not both the departing and arriving airfield controlled.

I’ve also had to fly some air frames out of and into places I would never have flown before. Really enjoying the mission feature overall.

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