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Does anyone know which airport will be the busiest tomorrow?

Guangzhou (ZGGG) is the one featured first, hence I would expect this one. You never know though.

Since its a wide variety of airports that have all been busy in the past - its a crap shoot. If you are planning an overnight, shoot for the one with the most arrivals as it will be the most likely the ATC.

I’d guess ZSPD > ZBAA > RKSI. but its a crap shoot of good locations, which hopefully means there’s good traffic at all and good ATC coverage for all.

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Look at the IFATC schedule, and typically the largest airports will be consistently open throughout the day.
PEK PVG CAN ICN will be busy

Thursday : Guangzhou (ZGGG), Dalian (ZYTL), Seoul (RKSI), Beijing (ZBAA), Chongqing (ZUCK), Shanghai (ZSPD), Jeju (RKPC)
Featured Airline: China Southern

Tomorrow’s Expert IFATC Schedule will Feature the following Airports tomorrow. You will expect most of these airports very busy.

It varies on server. If you want casual, one ICAO. KLAX. If you want training, you have a decent decision. KLAX, KSFO, or EGLL. The most active on expert is the one featured tomorrow. It varies. Check the board with the ICAOs on the Multiplayer menu.

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Probably Heathrow

I’m guessing zspd

I can’t really guess which airport will become the busiest tomorrow, since the busiest airports in China and South Korea will be full of aircrafts. 🤷‍♂️

Visit this site in the Inbounds part and see which featured airport of tomorrow has the most inbounds. It is likely to be the hub of tomorrow.

No it wont as its not on the schedule

Oh ok but it usually has descent traffic

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