Activating Autoland drops altitude

can anyone tell me why when I activate autoland my attitude drops like crazy, am I doing something wrong?

You’re most likely too high on the glideslope? :)


Oh thanks, and what’s the right altitude to activate it

Controllers usually place you at 3500~ above airport level, 10 miles out. So that’s a pretty decent place to set yours too. (10 miles being the beginning of the red ILS cone on the map)


At the start of the ILS cone you should be at 3000-3500ft above the airport.

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Thanks guys this was what i needed

And this should make it smooth?

It depends your speed, flaps etc. If all they are ok, you can land such as 🦋 , i mean, it will be 🧈 🪰

I always put the trim at -10 and I butter

Just a recommendation, never put negative trim on approach, what is your average final approach speed? Id say it’s most likely you are going too fast if you are using negative trim.

depends on the wind and stuff, but it’ll be easier to make it smooth if your more stabilized.

That’s up to a number of factors. But assuming you know the basics for VFE speeds and landing speeds, it should be all smooth. A little small Karl of the A/P is common though.

if vs are 300 or more sometimes it jumps

I always land with trim 10 or 14

I’m never going fast it’s always the appropriate approach speed, as Im approaching the ils cone (depending on traffic) my speed is normally 170/160 with flaps 5 going down 145 with flaps full

Have you looked at this? :)

If you set the trim at -10 with the CRJ’s good luck to land ahahah

The video in schyllberg’s tutorial link, Autoland (APPR) Tutorial - YouTube, tells you everything you need, especially the “3 rules” at 38 seconds.

Note that the glideslope should be above you, descending to you before you engage appr (the glideslope indicator doesn’t need to be moving down, it just has to be above you, either pegged all the way up or moving down from that position)

No mention is made of trim in the video.

I just verified with a flight in the CRJ-1000 that an ILS with appr mode, with random trim down, made little to no difference compared to no trim at all.

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