Activating APPR

I personally don’t use APPR, however I found that if you activate it slightly above the glideslope the aircraft won’t go crazy, it’ll go slowly down onto the glideslope.

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The APPR function needs a rework in my opinion. It’s main function is to help the pilot line up with the runway, even though it’s only used for autolanding in IF. It shouldn’t send the plane haywire.

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Maybe I just get lucky, because everyone else seems to be certain that you must be aligned with the localizer. But the whole point, as you say, is to intercept the localizer, which it does just fine for me. I don’t know why it “goes crazy” for people. Though I’ve probably used it twice In the last year at 0 viz conditions, so I’m not an expert.

Personally though, intercepting the localizer is a much better use than the autoland, which I don’t like. Too shallow, not enough flare…I dunno, personal taste I guess. But if you’re not even gonna do the most fun part of the flight on your own, what’s the point? One man’s opinion.


When I was first starting out I used APPR a lot, and I think that’s okay if not normal for new pilots to do so. I started really learning how to land when I reached grade 2.


Jeez what aircraft are you pulling nearly 100Kts in, some nose angle


Well, sure, I didn’t know how to land when I first started either. But it was certainly high on the list of goals. Certainly wouldn’t plan on using APPR in perpetuity.


Don’t let @Maxmustang hear you say that… You’ll be in for “learn stick and rudder first!!!”

In all honestly, if I used APPR twice in the first month I was learning that was a lot. I forbade myself to use it, I want to learn every in and out of the aircraft, get a “feel” if you will.

Not to go too off topic but while reading my Pilots Handbook of Aernoutical Knowledge, and something relative to this thread brings it to memory here’s an excerpt, “Over time, concern surfaced that manual flying skills of the automated flight crews deteriorated due to over-reliance on computers. The flight crew managers said they worried that pilots would have less “stick and rudder” proficiency when those skills were needed to manually resume direct control of the aircraft.”

Yes. The age of technology is here to stay but that doesn’t mean we become dependent on it.

To each their own…

Happy motoring…


If you are lined up properly on the ILS when you activate APPR, than the aircraft shouldn’t make any big movements. I used to use it all the time and then got into the habit of hand flying my Approaches because it’s more realistic and gives you more XP. If you are even a little bit below the glide slope when you activate the APPR, it will cause a sharp upward motion. I would get more into the habit of hand flying the approach.


I use APPR only when I get the Black Terrain Issue on long hauls. I agree with what @cfvfd104 has to say, when you’re established on the LOC and GS, it shouldn’t make really big jerks, just slight movements :)


I have yet to have a successful auto land activation with the M.D.-11 whether or not I’m on the glideslope, but the A320 and 777 APPR works better. Still need to be on or slightly above glide slope though.

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APPR. man that takes me back. then again, that was when everyone was flying at KNUC with so many distractions landing was near impossible (As half of the Grade 1s would show you during their a380 Landings). I think really, you need to learn to land. APPR should only be used in severe conditions, and even then, manual flying will give you a smoother result than APPR every time.


Here is a direct quote from the tutorial from when to turn on auto land


The APP sys (here) doesn’t have an ARM function. So, you should activate the APP button when you are fully establish on Loc and Glide.

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I thought about this uncomfortable comportment of the AP.
the idea could be to devide the APPR by two with “LOC” and “GS” sush as the Localiser and Glideslope of the ILS system and the autoland.
Ask something like this in the features and it should work for a futur update.

As maybe all of you konw, when you do an ILS appraoch, you get the LOC first than the Glideslope for a clean action.

i do the same thing, it’s a bit uncomfortable

That’s why I don’t use APPR a lot.🤔
Actually I have only used it once 😂

Brilliant opinion. For me, Just before intercepting the localizer, it sends the plane to the opposite direction first, then the intended direction, even if I approach within +/- 30 angle. Hence the rework opinion.

I remember there was a recommendation made by the FAA for airlines to retrain pilots for the same concerns you mentioned, especially during emergency situations where pilots need to take control of aircrafts when these situations occur

What’s the use? That defeats the purpose for me.

I usually activate it at 2700-2800 ft and it lands perfect for me when using it. Its really helpful during night landings as the runway lights in the game are not good at all.