Activate leg to airport


I found out that it is possible to activate a leg to an airport.

I couldn’t find anything on the forum, regarding this topic. I know that I fly a leg (often in patter work) but why should I activate it in the map?

Thx for your explanation.

If you activate it on the map, It could update your ETA or Distance to Destination. Especially is you aren’t following the plan


Adding on to what @Drummer said, that kind of leg has nothing to do with pattern work. It’s about going direct to a new leg of your flight plan instead of hitting each waypoint.


for example, I don’t know if there is a command in if for this but if atc informed you, cleared direct to waypoint, you would go to your fms and activate that leg and it would deviate you from you fpl and take you to that waypoint. I’m pretty sure it’s useful so pilots don’t have to fly a long departure, they would just go direct to a certain waypoint.

someone correct me if I’m wrong, this is just what I know form my years on vatsim and flightsim in general.


Exactly. A leg in your FPL is a part/the line between to (way)points. You would activate a different leg than the one automatically selected in some instances (e.g.: when receiving radar vectors towards a waypoint further down your FPL or when skipping a turn and flying a more direct route, or to use the Autopilot after deviating from the FPL route). You can also use the direct to feature in many of these instances as well.

Direct to would lead you to the selected point, but Activate Leg does actually only activate the leg, not change the FPL. Otherwise well explained!

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