Actions Tab Disappearing

I’m wondering what has happened to the actions tab, it has apparently vanished for a while. Does it have something to do with ground service equipments?

Hey there, when the ground services were added, the action tabs were removed because when you activate the passenger service, the stairs or bridge will arrive and connect to the aircraft and then open the doors if the aircraft is able to. This is the same as if it were a cargo service you selected except it would open the cargo doors if the aircraft can.

Hope this helps

But there were also other functions in the actions tab. Eg. Wipers, windows, and tray tables…
Some aircrafts like the A350 don’t open doors automatically in the sim, I was thinking if we could do it manually…

The A350 only have animated cargo doors.

Hmm, right! My mind was messed up :D But I think my point was clear :DDD

The action tab is still there in some airplanes. I think planes like the C-130 still have it

But it is removed for most airplanes

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