Actions cannot be seen in replay

Unsure if I’m the only one here encountering such a bug, but is there anyone else who is unable to view the C-130s actions in replay?

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The replay mode doesn’t record the opening and closing of doors. It’s simply to see the flight path you took prior and only shows when you activate flaps, spoilers, and rudder. :)


It sucks how it’s like that. Really takes the realism away. I’ve found that I’m edging more towards desktop sims like the X-Plane 11 beta as IF and Aerofly just aren’t up to standard with controls and aircraft features.

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Yeah, because “Replay” is so realistic.


Well x-plane can be realistic and still have a replay mode. The replay mode is only there for you to view your flight and still, people would get mad if there was no replay mode


You are on an IF forum. Right now

I know, I am just stating why I feel the need to use desktop sims more. You’re sort of saying the same as don’t send any problems you have with an app to the developer as he might get sad.

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I respect the work the developers but into this game and continually do so every day. I think IF is a brilliant game and nothing tops it.

Yes, so do I. The work FDS have done is amazing and I am not negating it at all. It tops the market for mobile flight sims, but if I want to fly realistically with real life routes, I always turn my head towards my desktop sims. Once global comes, I will probably turn my head way from the desktop sims to fly all the routes that Qantas flies, in the palm of my hand!

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and if you look well, you will find that the airports lights does continue to flashing at pause, Only aircraft lights are recorded too

Treat it as feedback that devs can get! :)

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