ACSLs over flat terrain

I was in texas in october and i went out in the morning and saw the sky full of ACLS (mountain wave clouds) i was very confused i was thinking “how could ACLS form over flat terrain?” I sought the advice of a pilot on the IFC named @schloopy91 he said that i may have mistaken the clouds but i was sure i didn’t so id just like a general consensus of how it could happen.

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What area of Texas were you in? Mountain Wave Clouds can form in places as far as 50-60km away from the elevated terrain that may have created them.

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san antonio on a calm morning. OCT 3rd if that helps.

also its wavelengths of 5-30 miles.

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Sorry, meant to write 50-60, not 500-600km. I’m not too sure then, San Antonio tends to be pretty flat. I checked the weather forecasts back on October 3rd and I wasn’t able to find any sorts of cloud cover or precipitation. And it’s pretty strange considering the highest point in San Antonio rests shortly below 1000 feet above the city center. I’m not sure if I have much of an explanation for this, I would get advice from a local like @Zhopkins.

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okay it is a little confusing.

In my whole 13 years living in San Antonio I have never seen ACLS clouds here. San Antonio is far too flat for that type of clouds. The airport alone is about 800 feet above sea level. SA (San Antonio) is right on the edge of the hill country but even then the altitude gets just above 1000 feet. So I give it a 99% chance you did not see ACLS clouds.

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im pretty sure i did they had the classic lenticular curve.

I’m going to take a look through weather reports for the week of Oct 3. I don’t think it was ACLS clouds though.

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Far as I can tell there were no ACLS clouds in that timeframe.

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what website did you look at just for future reference

I use, I also have like a billion weather apps on my iPad and iPhone.

i dont think those give info on aviation conditions.

The 2 links don’t really but my apps kind of do. I can’t give pictures or anything because I’m in school but I can later.

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okay thats fine.

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