Across the USA

Landing in KSFO

Server:Training Server
Flight time: 5:36
Aircraft: A350 (United Livery)


That’s a really pretty shot! But since when does United fly anywhere out of JFK?


I’ve just seen that, it was wrong, The route was KWER-KSFO, I’ve just corrected that, thanks !

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Thanks! And for the future, I would recommend adding up to 10 photos in a screenshot and video thread (the official limit). It makes it more juicy to look at, and attracts more attention. Here is a great example of a Saturated screenshot post

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I know you dont want to portray it as a rule, but it’s not too necessary to add more photos. I’m personally more of a quality over quantity person. More photos doesnt necessarily mean more attention 🤷‍♂️


I know it’s not a rule, and I prefer quality over quantity as well. I simply meant if you take time to get multiple shots, and then pick your best ones, you can create a much more entertaining and interesting thread than with just one photo.

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United used to fly out of JFK like 5 or a few years ago

Yeah they did a trans continental service out of jfk