Across the pond, into the Isles

Hi guys!
First of all, I hope you’re doing very well.

Today's flight brings me transatlantic, from John F Kennedy Airport to Shannon Airport, Ireland. Shannon airport is a class Bravo classified airspace. The airport is located in the west of Ireland; a county named Clare. The river Shannon runs very close to this airport. Shannon airport is famous for its long runway, in fact, the longest in Ireland, measuring almost 10,500 feet. This huge runway allows for a wide variety of aircraft to operate here. Many years ago, Shannon was used as a training site for the Concorde, every few weeks, she soared over houses near Shannon, following the approach path. The Concorde was incredibly loud, so back then, if you lived close to Shannon, your tv would've probably gone fuzzy and the house started shaking due to the aircraft roaring overhead. Back then, Russia didn't have a great relation with other European countries, so they didn't operate a lot into European countries. However, Ireland was a neutral country for a long time, so Russia decided to operate via Shannon. As you may know, Russia is very well off when it comes to fuel, so Shannon airport and the Russians (Soviets back then) came to an agreement: the Russians would give a certain amount of fuel to Shannon airport, and in return Shannon would give them takeoff/landing slots and other services. The Soviets used Shannon as a refuelling stop for flying transatlantic. In the modern days, Shannon is used for many reasons, quite too many too name, so I'll try and keep it simple. Aer Lingus and a few other airlines operate their 757s from Dublin via Shannon to New York. Another remarkable flight is British Airways' A318 flying transatlantic. BA fly them from London City Airport via Shannon airport for a refuelling stop. The A318 is equipped with a full British Airways world suite layout. Shannon airport was used as a refuelling stop for Trump's visit to Europe last year, in his 747.

Back to the flight. Today’s flight took me over the US’s northeastern states, then over Nova Scotia, crossing the Atlantic Ocean. After a few hours of flying, Ireland’s west coast is to be seen, more on that in a moment, enjoy the pictures!

Flight Details
General Information

Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
Livery: Aer Lingus 2019
Route: KJFK - EINN
Flight number: EI110
Callsign: EIVA101
Aircraft registration: EI-ORD
Flight time: 6:07
Distance: 2,742nm

Airport Information

Departure airport: John F Kennedy International - KJFK
Departure runway: 04L
Arrival airport: Shannon International - EINN
Arrival runway: 24


Pushback: 0903Z
Takeoff: 0927Z
Landing: 1535Z
Shutdown: 1541Z


Starting/block fuel: 48942kgs - 107900lbs
Fuel used: 32431kgs - 71500lbs
Fuel remaining: 16510kgs - 36400lbs

Flight plan


Lining up on runway 04L, with @Vinne climbing out of KJFK.

An amazing sunrise about an hour into the flight.

Same time, taken from the wonderful A359 cockpit.

Hours later, the west coast of Ireland is visible!

Descent going very well with the Aran Islands visible. They go by the names: Inishmore, Inishmaan and the smallest Inisheer.

Everything seemed wrong; aircraft was floating, the touchdown zone far behind me now, TOGA power and elevator input is applied, and a go-around is performed.

Minutes later, I touch down the A359 smoothly at Shannon aiport’s runway 24.

That’s it for today’s pictures! This flight got me the Senior First Officer rank for Aer Lingus Virtual: the best Virtual Airline out there.

What was YOUR favourite screenshot?

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Stay safe and ever so healthy,


Hey! I just saw I posted it in the wrong category, all fixed now!

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Those are some awesome angles!

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Sheesh, these are by far your best photos you’ve ever taken - well done!

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Click Noice!

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Wow, these are amazing.

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Thanks a lot for choosing Shannon Airport! This airport has a runway capable for any aircraft on earth. I think this is the second longest runway in Europe! I’d wish to fly an Antonov 124 here once, and I do love spotting these aircraft in real life. We will see if the AN-225 will come for a visit again for refuelling services.

Ireland’s Wild Atlantic way and the Arann Islands will always look stunning and magical. Shamrock’s A350 will always look beautiful in all angles. Thank you so much for sharing! ☘️


Amazing photos as always @Rian16 number 6 really is the one for me.

Also what an amazing description on Shannon airport and your flight. Looking forward to your next post, maybe I’ll fly with you 😉


Photo six OOOOOOH

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Hey! Thanks everyone for all your support.

Thanks very much!

Thanks Vinne! Such a shame you crashed, it was a nice flight you missed out on:/


Thanks so much for those kind words, can’t wait to post more soon!

It was on Routes of the Week and I thought I’ll give it a shot… I will most certainly be flying to n fro Shannon.

It sure is! Was a real pleasure landing there.

Oh wow, you spotted one of them?! That’s amazing! I’ll probs go spotting at Shannon when I visit home this summer.

Fingers crossed

Can’t agree to you more, also the Connemara region is simply amazing, I was thinking of flying an xcub along the west coast soon…
Such a shame EI didn’t go through with the orders.
It was my pleasure to fly and share the pictures with you! I will certainly fly a lot more often here.
Thanks so much for the kind words Kuba!

Thanks Gary! Always feels like a Christmas present when you reply! I sure hope to fly with you in the near future… perhaps this week’s WR?

ikr… loved that shot myself as well.

Thanks so much for the support and kind words everyone!

Stay safe and ever so healthy,


I still find it weird how I spiralled out of control whilst I was downstairs eating my breakfast…

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No problem bro <3

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Photo 2 and 3 are amazing!!

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Thanks! It was a pleasure taking them:)

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Love the writing at the beginning! Nice photos! A really want to do this route now

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Thanks! I really recommend this route. The A359 flies so beautifully, make sure to catch that sunrise or sunset!
Most of the flight isn’t really that scenic, as you’ll be flying over the Atlantic, but the west coast of Ireland and Nova Scotia does compensate for that:)

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Great shots Rian! Cool angles too

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Thanks very much:)

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My cousins actually live on a SID for EINN so when I go visit them, (me wearing my Kildare jersey, them wearing there Clare jerseys, creating some tension 😂) I always hear the aircraft climbing up, usually at around 14,000. Always like to hear it

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These are amazing!

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