Across the Globe in a Cessna Citation

I decided to do a “short” hop to Johannesburg from Miami, thinking that the CCX was the best plane for it. Turns out, it wasn’t even supposed to be able to make the trip. After 14 hours of stressing over fuel and trying to find the ideal cruising altitude, I finally touched down at O.R. Tambo International Airport, with just 8 minutes of fuel to spare. I decided to share my crazy adventure with you guys today.

Aircraft: Cessna Citation X
Flight Time: 13:46

Getting the plane ready to head to Africa!

Lifting off of runway 12

After taking off from KMIA, we head out towards the setting sun and the never-ending ocean.

Cruising over the ocean blue.

On final runway 3L at FAOR

With just 8 minutes of fuel to spare, the CCX touches down in Johannesburg, with a Comair 737 taxiing by.

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Awesome! How much fuel did you have?

Thanks! I packed 13,000 lbs, the highest amount of fuel the CCX can fit. At the end I had roughly 200 lbs

Nice man great shots maybe I will do this some time!

Wow - that was brave - well done!

Thanks! Yeah I do recommend this flight! It was fun trying to get the fuel remaining to reach the ETE haha

Thanks a lot!