Across the Caribbean we go! @ TQPF - 302300ZSEP17

Server: Casual

Region: Caribbean

Airport: TQPF

Time: 2300Z

NOTAM: Spawn in any GA aircraft (no jets) and copy flight plan from Tate Dugan (me). We will fly south across the carribean to TFFB. Be prepared for some fun! We will do some formations on the way as well.


Hi :). It may be advisable to change your title to the correct format, see here:


I’ll be there. Boeing 737

is that general aviation or jet

No Jets, it says up there^ sorry!

I have correctly formatted your title for you, but as I don’t know the date I couldn’t add that, so I assume it was for tonight. If you could tell me the date I’ll happily change it

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It sure is! If your could edit it plz that would be nice

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