Across the Atlantic in a CRJ-200

Hello, IFC,

I am attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a CRJ-200.
I took off from SNOG with 100% fuel and I will try to land in GLRB.
I’m on casual in the IF livery and I’m cruising at 20,000 feet.
Check me out on live flight or try to escort me :)
Thank You!
(Wish me luck :)



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Best of luck! I will keep an eye on you…

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Thank You!

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I’ve done this in a TBM but I only managed to fly YYT-KEF before running out of fuel but I had a tail wind so got up to 470 knots at 28,000ft

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If you want good fuel efficiency do FL350

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Thank you, I climbed to FL350 :)

I am half way there :)

Be aware lots of people already did it when the CRJ2 was in full hype

If I remember correctly it has 6h and something at cruise altitude so it’s a bit tight.

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As long as you get that tailwind, you should be able to make it.


I just landed :)

How much fuel remaining?

What was your longest flight and from where to where

I landed with 18% fuel remaining.

My longest flight was from LFPG above Asia, the Pacific, South America and I landed in SOCA.

Hate to break it you to but I’ve already done this a few times a while ago on the casual server. And I’m sure a ton of people have already done it. You’re not the first unfortunately!


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