Across the Atlantic @EHAM 221130ZFEB20

Hey, and welcome to my groupflight. This groupflight we’ll be recreating a real-life flight, but as we don’t have the a330-200 in IF, we’ll be using the a350 (KLM livery). (You can also use the TUI 787-8 if you want)
We’ll be crossing the Atlantic and after that a short hop. The flight time will be around 9 hours.

Information about flight

  • Aircraft and Livery: KLM a350 or TUI 787-8

  • Route: Amsterdam(EHAM)-Aruba(TNCA)-Bonaire(TNCB)

  • Time of Departure: 1130Z

  • Server: training server

  • Additional Information:
    Please spawn 5 minutes before it starts
    Don’t troll
    Have fun

I hope to see you there :D

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Oh yeah, if you’re joining:
We’ll be spawning at the F-pier
Cruise altitude will be 36,000ft
And airspeed will be M0.76

I would love to join but I have my hockey training later today and won’t be able to participate in this flight. Sorry buddy.

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Well, the flight time is 9-10 hours. So you can join and still fly while you have your hockey training
But if you can’t, I won’t force you to join

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I still can’t, sorry.

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Okay :), have fun at your training

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Maybe another time? Feel free to send me a PM if you ever want to fly together :)

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Begins in 10 minutes

Cruise should be around M0.85 - M.076 is way too slow

A350 cruise is M0.85 with a MAX of .89.

M0.82 is too slow

Okay, no one joined anyway :)

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Maybe try expert server next time if possible. I feel like TS puts people off due to the amount of people who troll and can’t use ATC correctly

Next time, I promise

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