Across the American Heartland!


Yesterday, me and @SWA1997 hosted an event where we flew from Baltimore/Washington International (KBWI) to Salt Lake City International (KSLC). Let me tell you, it was a blast! And I couldn’t help but take some photos and make this topic that you’re reading right now. So, enjoy the photos!

Sitting at the gate prepping for our flight. Here we have a wing view from @aircasa_88’s 737.

Upon departure from KBWI, @Aviation108 passes through 2,000ft as I pass through 10,000 (don’t worry, we were spaced out before reaching cruise).

Catching the strobes while passing over the Appalachian Mountains (A.K.A. the cooler mountains 😛).

The gateway to the west. Welcome to St. Louis, Missouri!

Goodbye Great Plains, hello Rocky Mountains! (A.K.A. the slightly-less cool but just as awesome mountains).

The shiniest engine you ever did see! Passing over the Rockies as we near our destination, KSLC.

Flying full manual as I guide my 737 down to the ground, KSLC in sight. I flew manually the rest of the flight after disengaging autopilot at 15,000ft AGL.

Mountains in the background as I’m on final approach cling in hot. I floated for a few feet, but the landing was smooth butter 😜.

On the ground at KSLC after a great flight. A majority of us used the Southwest 737’s, but @plane_guy12 used the Delta 737, so he’s extra-cool. 😎

Pictured here (left to right).

(@CaptJJ was buttering his landing as this photo was taken so unfortunately he’s not pictured here).

I’d like to thank everyone who attended this event by me and @SWA1997. It means a lot to us that so many people came.

Thank you to @MJP_27 and @PilotA320 for helping keep things organized as ATC.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day IFC!

Event thread.

15NOV20 / 1800Z - Across The American Heartland @KBWI - #101 by SWA1997


Nice photos! I’m glad I got to control for your event!

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Beautiful photos

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Thank you @zion89 and @MJP_27!

Amazing photos!

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Thanks @Mukundan_Srivatsa!

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My Hometown Baby! Welcome to my hometown and thanks for exploring


LOL! Was flippin all over the runway in the background! :D

So glad I joined this event, this was memorable, thanks!

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No problem, really glad you came!

It was fun to pay a visit even if we just flew over.

Wish I could’ve flown through the arch, lol.


Amazing shots!

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Yep indeed and I have never been to the Gateway Arch Before in St. Louis

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Thanks @KSS!

You should go if you can, @Udeme_Ekpo.

I’ve been there to St. Louis a lot

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Haha, lol @Alec. 😂

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